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Book Fair Spring 2022

How to order books from our school book fair


1. Select your books.

The full list of books and prices is below. Your child will also have the chance to view the books at school and make a note of their favourites.


2. Make a payment by Monday 28th March

The book money should be handed to your child's teacher in a sealed envelope. The envelope should list your child's full name, the class they're in and the titles of the books they are ordering.

If you are using a World Book Day voucher to get £1 off your order, make sure you place it in the envelope!


3. Books are delivered to the school

Once everybody has paid, the school will place an order with Scholastic for all of the requested books. These will arrive by post and be distributed to your children at school.


Why can't I buy from the book fair in person?

We found a lot of busy parents struggled to find the time to visit the book fair in person. Popular titles would sell out very quickly, meaning that children who visited on the second or third day would be disappointed.

We ran our first mail-order book fair in 2021 and found that more than twice as many children were able to buy the books they wanted this way!

If you have feedback on how the book fair could be improved further, we would love to hear from you! Email library@stechford.bham.sch.uk


What books are available?

Books for age 3+ | Books for age 6+ | Books for age 9+

Books for Younger Readers

This section contains picture books and activity books for you to share with your child. Ideal for ages 3+

Books for emerging readers

This section contains short chapter books, longer picture books, diaries and activity books. Ideal for children aged 6+ who are beginning to read more independently...

Books for confident readers

This section contains longer books perfect for readers aged 9+...

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