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June 2018 Shelfies of the Month

I Really Want the Cake by Simon Philip & Lucia Gaggiotti

Published by Templar, 2017

Mum has made a gigantic chocolate cake with cream and biscuits on the top. It looks delicious but she's left a note next to it for her daughter: she must not eat the cake. This is too difficult for the little girl and her pet dog; they really want the cake. They take one bite and then another and another...

I Really Want the Cake is brilliant. It's great fun to read aloud because of all the rhyming words. The pictures are funny and full of energy; they really bring the story alive. You'll love the little girl and her dog!  

This is a funny, highly entertaining picture book. Grab yourself a copy – you’re in for a treat.

Suitable for children aged 3+

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I Swapped my Brother on the Internet by Jo Simmons

Illustrated by Nathan Reed.

Published by Bloomsbury, 2018.

Younger brother Jonny is fed up of being teased by his older brother, Ted. It’s something anyone with a sibling can relate to. He decides to swap his brother on the internet. What follows is a series of new brothers, none of whom fully meet Jonny’s expectations, and each has to be returned. The replacement brothers range from a merboy, and a boy who thinks he’s a meerkat, to the ghost of Henry VIII! There’s über competitive Alfie who likes to bet about everything, and will stop at nothing to win. Pete is seemingly Xbox obsessed and does little else but play on it, hogging the controller. The final replacement brother is J2, a duplicate of Jonny.

Gradually Jonny begins to miss Ted and the things they did together. The story is definitely a case of be careful what you wish for. Jonny realises that Ted wasn’t so bad after all and that he’d actually rather like his own brother back. However, getting Ted back proves much harder than getting rid of him in the first place.

You'll like this book if you enjoy funny, action-packed stories with a bit of mystery and suspense. Check out www.siblingswap.com where you can download activities and games linked to the book. There are no opportunities to swap an unwanted brother or sister though. 

Suitable for children aged 7+

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