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September 2018 Shelfies of the Month

I Can Only Draw Worms by Will Mabbitt

Published by Puffin, 2017.

This is a counting book but it's not like any you've ever read before. You see, the author can only draw worms. He might change their colour or add a pair of glasses but, still, all we get is worms. It's a quirky, funny book which will have the whole family giggling. 

Suitable for children aged 2+

Worms coverAnimazes cover

Animazes by Melissa Castrillon

Published by Big Picture Press, 2017.

Animazes is a gorgeous and original book. Each beautifully illustrated double page spread depicts the migration of a different animal. There are animals of all shapes and sizes from Antarctic krill to humpback whales. There are land animals, sea creatures and birds. In all, there are 14 different journeys: in water, by air, across deserts and over pack ice.

What's extra exciting is that every double page is a maze. You can trace each animal’s journey with your finger. As you wind your way through the maze, there are obstacles, dangerous dead ends and fascinating facts along the way. Did you know that migrating reindeer can run as fast as 50 miles per hour or that Arctic terns glide on the wind to save energy and can actually sleep while they fly? You'll be amazed by all the things you'll discover by reading this book.

Suitable for children aged 6+

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