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Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team


Mr R Rathbone

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs G Smith

Assistant Headteacher

Mr R Feasey

Assistant Headteacher

Miss R Hatton

SLT/Mathematics Leader

Mrs W Walsh

SLT/Literacy Leader

Miss S Rehman

Administration Team

Business Manager

Mrs A Barnett

Office Manager

Miss B Cullen


Mrs S Brown

Barriers to Learning Team

SENCO and Community Manager

Mrs R Moore

Senior Learning Mentor

Ms S Edwards

Teaching Staff

Foundation 1/Foundation Stage Leader

Mrs P Yeomans

Foundation 2

Miss J Begum

Foundation 2/ Music Leader

Mrs N Dilworth

Year 1/Science Leader

Mrs J Poonian

Year 1/ Art Leader

Mrs S Carr

Year 2/ DT Leader

Mr Clay-Croome

Year 2/Maths Leader

Mrs W Walsh

Year 3/MFL Leader

Ms J O'Connor

Year 3/Computing Leader/PSHE Leader

Mr R Feasey

Year 4/Geography Leader

Mrs A Patterson

Year 4/RE Leader

Miss H Mills

Year 5/Literacy Leader

Miss S Rehman

Year 5/ History Leader

Mrs A Rogers

Year 6/PE Leader

Miss R Hatton

Year 6 Intervention

Mrs Smith

Intervention Teacher

Miss Caddick

Support Staff

Higher Level Teaching Assistant/ EAL & Phonics support

Mrs E Robbins

Teaching Assistant Year 6

Mrs J Hogan

Teaching Assistant Year 1

Ms J Sibley

Teaching Assistant F1 & Year 2 intervention

Mrs T Bates

Teaching Assistant F1

Mrs A Burrows

Teaching Assistant Year 3

Ms S Akhtar

Teaching Assistant Year 4

Miss N Dallow

Teaching Assistant F2

Mrs S Kaur-Clare

Teaching Assistant Year 3

Miss B Moore

Teaching Asssistant Year 4

Miss L Sansom


Miss C Lovell

Teaching Assistant/Senior Lunchtime Supervisor/Cleaner/Year 1

Mrs S Hunt

Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor Year 5

Miss K Ambler

Teaching Assistant F2

Mrs A Akhter

Teaching Assistant Year 2

Mrs R Ashtiaq

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs J Ambler

Teaching Assistant Year 2

Mrs N Israr

General Assistant for Resources & First Aid

Mrs J Davis

Lunchtime Supervisor/Cleaner

Mrs J Hegarty

Play Worker

Mr L Bates

Buildings Services Supervisor

Mr P Hunt

Assistant BSS/ Cleaner

Mr D Nicholas

Catering Services

Head Cook

Mrs L Porter

Assistant Head Cook

Mrs K Gurney


Ms S Nash


Ms D Nash