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Stechford Primary School

Maths at Stechford

From September 2023, Stechford Primary School will be following the White Rose Maths scheme of work. This will provide teachers with a progressive, sequenced approach to teaching the curriculum for all ages. Knowledge and skills are built upon year after year and pupils revisit previous learning throughout their time at school. Content taught is a balance between fluency, reasoning and problem solving within lessons and across units. Concrete manipulatives are used by staff and pupils to enable key understanding of Mathematical concepts and structures, such as Numicon, Base-10 and place value counters.  The Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract approach is used to support pupil learning and enable all pupils to ‘see’ Maths in a range of contexts.

To support pupil learning at home, we offer online subscriptions, such as Times Tables Rockstars and Maths.com.

Our Maths curriculum also provides key learning experiences that extend beyond the subject, empowering pupils to question and explore all of the opportunities that they are entitled to them. Maths is everywhere in our curriculum and we encourage pupils to be mathematicians and use their knowledge to support them in all subjects

  • Science – through the collection and representation of data; analysing data; statistics.
  • English – through the use of Maths in stories
  • P.E. -  counting points in 2s, 5s and 10s, keeping score.
  • Cross-curricular, whole school events such as Problem –Solving Days , National Numeracy Day  and Sports Day are held throughout the year. These opportunities can be used to raise the profile of Maths, supporting pupils in linking their Maths learning to wider society.



The Foundation Stage is an integral part of the development of our young pupils. At Stechford Primary School, Maths is taught following the White Rose scheme, which is guided by the EYFS framework and supports work towards achieving the Early Learning Goals in Number and Numerical Patterns. 

In Maths, children are given opportunities to explore number and number patterns as practically as possible so that they gain a firm understanding of numbers and the number system. It is essential that the children develop these necessary building blocks in order to excel in Mathematics. 

  • Children are given opportunities to do this through exploring the value of numbers by: 
  • Using manipulatives such as Numicon, small counting objects, ten frames and counters
  • Counting forwards and backwards
  • Singing and chanting rhymes 
  • Stories
  • Games 

As well as this, children are provided opportunities for rich Maths discussions to ensure a sound understanding of Mathematical vocabulary.

To find out more about our early years curriculum, visit https://www.stechfordprimary.co.uk/bham/primary/stechford/site/pages/curriculum/eyfs

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