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Stechford Primary School

Our latest report - GOOD in all areas.


Ofsted says...

This school continues to be good. The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection. You and the leadership team have high expectations of pupils and staff. A strong team ethic exists across the school and staff are proud to work at Stechford. They are committed to providing the best education they can for pupils.

  • You know the school well, including its many strengths and few weaknesses. For example, you know that mathematics teaching is a strength of the school, but you recognise that pupils’ explanations of their thinking is an area to improve. Similarly, although your actions to improve writing this year have been successful, inspection evidence shows that pupils’ independent and/or creative writing still has some weaknesses.
  • You address areas for improvement thoughtfully with carefully constructed and effective strategies. For example, your response to a dip in some pupils’ attendance in 2017 involved deploying a family support worker to help parents. Consequently, attendance has returned to its previous high level this year.
  • Similarly, you have addressed the areas for improvement in the school’s previous inspection report effectively. Leaders now make regular checks on pupils’ progress. All pupils, including disadvantaged pupils and the most able, make good progress because of consistently effective teaching.
  • Your school’s care for all pupils, especially those who are vulnerable in some way, is of a high quality. For example, pupils who join the school speaking little English receive effective support. Pupils enjoy school and have excellent attitudes to learning. Many told me of how they like and trust their teachers. They said they appreciate the many opportunities that the school provides for them, including clubs, activities and off-site visits, in this country and abroad.
  • I spoke with many parents at the start of the inspection. They were unanimous in their praise for the school. They told me how friendly and approachable staff are, and also about how well pupils behave in school. 

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