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Library Facilities at Stechford Primary School

Our Library

Stechford Primary School's library is located on the top floor of the main school building and is decorated to look like an enchanted forest. Our displays are changed every two weeks and are usually themed to match holidays, special occasions or current events.

Our Books

Our library consists of nine collections:

  • Picture Books are available for loan and are ideal for younger children who are beginning to read independently.
  • Junior Fiction is our collection of chapter books. These are available for loan and include stories aimed at older readers as well as stories for parents to read aloud to younger children.
  • Popular Fiction is our selection of tie-in books which accompany popular toy, film and television series, including Tinkerbell & Friends, Transformers, Peppa Pig, Lego, Bratz, Ninjago, Frozen and Thomas The Tank Engine. These are available for loan and make an ideal entry point for reluctant readers.
  • Non-Fiction books are also available for loan. Our books on animals, cars, sports and history are consistently popular with pupils of all ages.
  • Joke Books are available for loan and this collection is particularly popular with pupils in Years 2-4.
  • Bilingual Fiction includes popular and traditional children's stories in other languages with an English translation provided. This collection is available for loan and includes stories in Urdu, Farsi, Somali, Russian, Tamil, Gujurati, Bengali and more.
  • The Newspapers, Comics And Graphic Novels Section contains retellings of classic stories including The Hobbit and tales from Shakespeare in comic strip format. We also have subscriptions to The Phoenix, a weekly independent story comic and First News, a newspaper aimed at Primary School children. Our graphic novels are available for loan, but issues of The Phoenix and First News should be enjoyed in school and may not be taken home.
  • The Reference Section includes dictionaries, thesauruses, encyclopaedias and atlases for use at school. These books may not be taken home.
  • The Big Books Collection is provided for the use of our nursery pupils, providing large and colourful editions of fairytales and children's classics. These books may not be taken home.

Library Visits

Pupils in F2 visit the library once a week for a storytelling session and book discussion.

Years 1-6 visit the library once a week to borrow and return books. Books can be renewed for a second week if a pupil needs additional time to finish it, unless the book is in high demand.

Lost or damaged books may incur a fee to cover the cost of replacing them. Please help keep our library books in good condition by using a bookmark and keeping them away from pets and babies.


The library is happy to accept donated books so long as they are age-appropriate and in serviceable condition. Contact Miss Lovell on library@stechford.bham.sch.uk for more information.


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